What’s The Importance Of Site Architecture For SEO

Site architecture refers to how your website’s pages are structured and linked‌ to provide a good user experience to your audience through delivering content. Good site architecture includes the hierarchy of pages to help your users easily find the content they want. Also, it helps the search engine bots to crawl on your pages and index them conveniently, resulting in ranking the webpage high in the SERPs.

Site Architecture’s Importance for SEO

Site Architecture helps Google to find relevant quality content on your website. Hence, with this process, you can influence search engines to rank your articles on top of the search results.  There are three major reasons ‌site architecture is important for search engine optimization:

1) Guidance for Google

A good site architecture helps search engine spiders to find, index, and rank your pages. If your pages aren’t properly linked to each other, it creates a problem for Google when it comes to showing them in the search results. When you design a good architecture for your site, it improves overall visibility by providing the most relevant content to search engines. People can check legalmarketingstrategy.com/local-seo-services-for-lawyers this link for the best SEO strategies.

2) Better UX

Site architecture developed by this franchise includes optimizing the structure of a website, this improves the user experience by facilitating them with proper navigating options. With this, you can provide relevant information to the users in a proper hierarchy, resulting in them finding the required content easily. Also, if your website is mobile-optimized, this can be a positive feature, and Google also prefers these types of websites.

3) Avoid Competition

When pages don’t have proper architecture, they can end up getting ranked on the same keyword, resulting in competition between your own site’s pages; this is bad for your SEO as it can interrupt users from visiting the relevant page on your site. With proper site architecture, you will be able to avoid ranking multiple pages based on the same keyword, leading to better search engine ranking and better UX.

Some other benefits of Site Architecture:

  • With the help of good site architecture, you can engage your audience from all around the world by providing your content in multiple languages. If you provide your website in multiple languages, this helps your audience to understand your content even if they don’t know the primary language you’re using.
  • If your website is properly structured, it must contain a search bar on top of it which is very helpful for your audience to search for anything. This can improve the bounce rate of your website by providing them with the relevant content they want.
  • Site architecture helps to improve the speed of a website. Speed is a very important factor to rank your website in the SERPs. If your website takes too long to get loaded, its bounce rate becomes very high, and Google ranks it down as a penalty.
  • If the URLs that your website contains are relevant, they help your audience to easily understand the content that the page contains. This helps your audience to take a quick look at all the content you have on your site.

If you want your website to have good user retention, you must pay attention to the architecture of your website. It’s recommended to keep a check on this from the very beginning.

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