Pakistan vs Australia – Fans React in Memes as Pakistan’s T20 World Cup Comes to An End

After the phenomenal run Pakistan has had ever since kicking off the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 against India, it all came to a bittersweet end against Australia in the second semi-final of the campaign. But even so, Pakistani fans still managed to provide all of us with some amazing, relatable, and now heartbreaking, memes to enjoy and remember. Have a look at them below.

The first shock, before the match even began, came from the Pakistan dressing room, when the news of 2 of our most important players this World Cup, Mohammad Rizwan and Shoaib Malik being down with flu, started spreading around. Just 3 hours before the match, it was confirmed that both the players had passed their fitness tests and will be participating in the all-important semi-final. And of course, the fans had some things to say about that.

But right after the Babar-Rizwan partnership walked out into the pitch, Australia began to feel instantly under pressure as the No. 1 T20 Batsmen in the World started off with his infamous cover drives. This resulted in the Australian side dropping 3 potential catches early on in the game.

Once Babar’s wicket was down, Mohammad Rizwan took over the scoring wheels. And despite having spent 2 days in the ICU due to a chest infection, and initially struggling to start in this match, Rizwan made an impressive 67 off of 52 balls before his innings came to an end, making way for Fakhar Zaman who ended up scoring his first half-century of this campaign while moving Pakistan to what seemed like a comfortably set target at that time.

Once the batsmen were done with quite an impressive set of runs, considering Pakistan was playing on an unpredictable Dubai pitch against a skilled and experienced Australian side, the bowling attack began by none other than Shaheen Afridi, in a very bold fashion.

Shadab Khan turned out to have one of the best bowling innings of his career, taking 4 wickets by a wicket in each over he bowled. David Warner turned the wheels in Australia’s favor by hitting shot after shot into the boundary to keep his side comfortably in the chase despite the huge total set by Pakistan, yet his innings came to an end just one run before his half-century could get completed, by Shadab… but did it? Either way, the man returned to the dressing room without taking a review, and that provided Pakistan with some short-lived hope.

But of course, Australia turned the wheels once and for all during the final overs, with Hasan Ali not having his day and Shaheen coming under pressure during the death overs, Australia took full advantage of that and smashed their side into the final, which they will play against their neighbors, New Zealand.

But never have we witnessed the Pakistani team get supported the way they are being supported now, and it’s all well-deserved as well, looking at how phenomenally powerful and skilled the side has been during this entire campaign. Australia may have won the Semi-Final, but that’s only because they are a strong Australian side who can play calmly and maturely on a pitch that doesn’t promise convenience to the bowlers. Pakistan fought and did until the end, and the World saw it clearly.

The campaign may have ended for Pakistan, but there’s no doubt this is a very new and young team, brimming with confidence and full of some extraordinary amount of talent. And hopefully, they will only learn from this loss and go on to become even stronger in the future.

What do you think of the memes? Comment your favorites!

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