8 OTT Shows For True Crime Fans

Have you ever wondered why crime shows are so addictive? Why do you get a hard time stopping yourself from clicking on the “next episode” button?  Most of the time the information does not add up, and to quench our curiosity we continue to binge-watch.

If you recently binge-watched a true-crime TV show and since the screen faded to black you have been left with sadness, then here is a list of thrillers that will put a stop to that feeling, and keep tickling your curious brain long after you are finished watching them.

Evil Genius

Evil Genius, a true-crime series that was aired on Netflix in 2018 is based on the true story of America’s biggest bank heist that took place in 2003. The documentary is centered around the death of Brian Willis, the pizza guy who attempted the robbery and died on a major highway as the bomb tied around his neck and chest detonated. Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong was arrested for the death of Brian Willis and sentenced to life in prison. The series takes a deep dive into the case referred to as the “pizza bomber”, trying to prove that there is more to it than was previously thought.

Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Netflix released these series on the 30th anniversary of Ted Bundy’s execution, who confessed to murdering 30 people, and we still don’t know the actual number of his crimes. The show is sourced from 100 hours of interviews and archival footage from Bundy’s life. The 4-part series simply documents the double-murder trial and how the whole thing turns into a circus due to the eccentric behavior of Ted Bundy and the media’s eagerness to cover a sensational story.


This American psychological thriller is based on the 1995 book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit which was written by john. E Douglas and Mark Olkshaker. It was released on Netflix in 2019. It may be a scripted show, but it is based on the true story of an ex FBI agent John. E Douglas, a pioneer of criminal profiling at the FBI. The docuseries mainly restates the stories of serial killers in America as two FBI agents along with a psychologist dive deep into their brains, trying to understand how their minds work.

The Night Stalker

Richard Ramirez also known as The night stalker, terrorized the west coast in the years 1984 to 1985. From committing murders, kidnapping to assaults, and even rapes, the killer is known to be the most terrifying in American history. The Netflix series “ Night Stalker: The hunt for a serial killer” tells the story of Richard Ramirez from the point of view of those that were directly affected by his crimes.

I Am a Killer

This true-crime series gets up close with 10 convicted murderers sitting on death row, as they get interviewed, giving the audience a firsthand account of why and how they committed the crime. It can be pretty nerve-wracking watching them talk directly to you and to see them trying to justify their murders in some cases. Each episode of the series interviews a different inmate as they recall the events that led them to end up behind bars.

Unsolved Mysteries

The original Unsolved Mysteries series was aired from the year 1997 to 1999. The documentary had nine seasons that explored unsolved cases. The series was brought back to life after six years by the producer of the show “Stranger things”. The documentary profiles real-life mysteries and features re-enactments of unsolved crimes, conspiracy theories, and supernatural phenomena. The show has also been given credit for bringing unsolved cases into the limelight, allowing them to be solved.

When They See Us

The horrific incidents that took place on 19th April 1989 were brought to our attention in the form of an OTT TV show “When they see us”. The series got released in 2019  and was directed and written by AvaDuvemay. It documents the real-life stories of five suspects who were prosecuted for charges in relation to the sexual assault of a female jogger. Strangely enough, the suspects, known as the Central Park Five, maintained their innocence and fought for justice.  

The Confession Killer

Is it possible to confess to crimes you have not committed? Apparently, that’s what the infamous serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas did. This five-part true-crime docuseries that has been directed by Robert Kenner and  Taki Oldham is based on the murder case of Henry less Lucas that took place in 1983. The murderer is responsible for killing hundreds of people in the years 1960 to 1983. But the strange question is, what is making him confess, and why is he confessing to crimes he did not even commit? That’s exactly what the show is trying to uncover.

This concludes my list of OTT shows that I know true-crime fans are going to love. If you have any suggestions of your own feel free to tell us about them in the comments section below.

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