OLX Vs. Zameen.com – Best Marketplace Comparison

Any place where things or services are available for sale is known as a marketplace. The marketplace is of two major types: online and offline marketplaces. If differentiated according to customers, a marketplace can be divided into three categories:

  • B2B – sales are made by a business to another business.
  • B2C – sales are made by a business to a customer.
  • C2C – sales are made by a customer to another customer.

How does an online marketplace work?

An online marketplace is a place where things and services are sold virtually. Usually, it’s a website or an app where you can purchase anything of your choice. Online marketplaces don’t have the inventory available at their place, neither do they own the inventory. Their business is to present other people’s inventory at their place, and when someone makes a purchase, they deduct their mentioned service charges. An online marketplace is just a platform for buyers and sellers to deal with each other on the internet.



OLX was founded in 2006, it’s operated in almost 45 different countries and is a very famous online marketplace where sales and purchases are made. Many things and services are sold on OLX like electronics, properties, furniture, household goods, cars, bikes, fashion goods, etc. It’s commonly used by people in Pakistan as the main B2C platform for the sale and purchase of products, whether old or new. OLX receives almost 30 million views per month in Pakistan.



Zameen.com is an excellent platform for you if you’re looking for properties in Pakistan. As its a property portal, it lists agencies, real estate dealers, builders, properties for sale, and properties for rent. The company’s headquarter is in Lahore, Pakistan and it operates in 30 different cities of the country. You can buy or sell properties there easily.

OLX Vs. Zameen.com – Overview

OLX is internationally available, whereas Zameen.com is only for Pakistan. If you are searching for properties, Zameen.com will suit you the most. But the thing here is that OLX is an all-rounder, and therefore it’s more famous among the people of Pakistan. Most people prefer using OLX for every purpose, from purchasing household items to purchasing a property.

1) Variety


OLX is the king as it provides people with many varieties, e.g. you can get anything on OLX, from gadgets, cars, household items to properties, etc. Almost everything is available, as, according to their slogan Sab Kuch Bikta He which means “Everything Sells”.


Zameen.com only deals with properties and is the best property portal in Pakistan. It doesn’t have the same variety available on OLX. People looking for property online can have a look at Zameen.com.

2) Availability


OLX is available globally, nearly in 45 different countries of the world.


Zameen.com is a Pakistani property portal and is operated in 30 cities of Pakistan.

3) Search Filters


As OLX has almost everything to buy and sell, the search filters are made accordingly to look for different things. Filters include category, location, and price on the main page but vary when a category is selected.


Zameen.com provides search filters to find properties. Different property-related filters are available on Zameen.com such as area, property type, bedrooms, and many more.

These are some differences between OLX and Zameen.com that’ll let you know which one’s the best marketplace and why. Of course, there is a difference between how both these platforms operate and what they offer to the audience. OLX has a lot of options when it comes to every item generally, but since Zameen.com is solely focused on real estate, it would be a more suitable and efficient platform for those looking for a property. In the end, choosing which is the best comes down to the experience each individual has had with both platforms.

Sibtain Haider

A commerce and trading geek with a passion in writing that's existed since childhood.

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Kazim N.
Kazim N.
November 4, 2021 10:11 am

I agree, Zameen.com is better in terms of property search.

umar sharif
umar sharif
November 5, 2021 6:51 pm

Excellent read.

November 11, 2021 10:51 am

It’s really a nice and useful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keeps us to date like this .thank you for sharing.

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