8 Music Genres To Make You More Productive

All of us are asked to complete a different task list every given day, and while doing so seems fun on some days, on others, it’s just repetitive and boring. On some days, your energy levels are at their highest, and on others, you’re just not in the mood to do the tasks at hand. What’s the solution? Having a soundtrack full of different music genres that helps with all these mood swings and tasks, making you more productive.

The Importance of Music at the Workplace

Music isn’t just entertainment, it can lead to increasing your creativity. Studies show that music can increase the efficiency of repetitive work, e.g. answering different people’s messages on a client’s page every other morning. Studies show that with the right choice of music, productivity can increase about 2-3%, which may not seem like much of a number, but it can go a long way in determining how your day turns out in terms of productivity.

Some forms of music, e.g. pop or anime, have a sort of inspirational tune to them, meaning they can actually motivate you to work faster, applying more speed to all the work that you do. Other forms of music, like instrumental, are better suited to make you focus on the harder tasks at hand without having to listen to any lyrics. Research also found that listening to music made participants perform better at programming tasks, while felt less anxious than those who didn’t listen to music.

Hence, looking at all these benefits, we’ve compiled a list of songs you can listen to depending on your different moods.












T.V Scores


Songs in Other Languages



Apart from all these suggestions, a few more things matter that don’t have a lot to do with the genre but everything to do with your levels of productivity. The sound volume, for example, can go a long way into determining whether you’re going to focus on your work or get too involved in the music to care about what you were trying to work on in the first place. So go ahead, put on those headsets, adjust the volume, and choose the genre you want to listen to today.

Maha Abdul Rehman

A content writer and a psychology major, I procrastinate for 6 months or write consecutively. And I occasionally watch (see: obsess about) Football.

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