Marketing Explained Through Dog Videos

Dog videos make the internet go round.

That’s why they’re so well-loved and make people stop scrolling no matter what they’re doing. Just take a look at the leading pet-fluencer accounts of 2020. Jiff Pom has been leading the race with three other doggo accounts in the list. You can check this site out, if you need the best dog training services.

Statistic: Most-followed pets on Instagram worldwide as of June 2020 | Statista
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And rightly so. Have you even seen this ball of fluff? No wonder people love him so much.


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But cuteness aside, there’s a strategic benefit in having dog videos on your feed: it makes people stop. Stop to explore your feed without getting bored, share your posts because they find them cute, and follow you to stay updated with wholesome doggo cuteness.

So why aren’t marketers using this to their advantage?

In a stroke of bored genius, we decided that we’ll do it. We’ll use dog videos to explain what marketing should really be like in today’s day and age, when there’s so much communication on apps you’d rather shut it down than clutter your life further. So without further ado, here’s marketing, explained through dog videos:

Tell your brand story

How can doggos help tell your story? With a video, silly.

What do dog videos do to our brains? Release oxytocin that makes us happy. So why not use that science to tell a happy story about your brand? Hiring a new team member? Let puppies make the announcement.

I can has job?

Excited to announce a new branch opening? Have doggos explore the place before you do. Launching a new product line? Let dogs advertise it.

It’s a world of opportunities hardly anyone has explored, especially in Pakistan. So why not get on your hands and knees (no pun intended?) and get to work.

Keep your cats close but your dogs closer

That’s just a figure of speech. We don’t mean to let cats take a backbench while promoting dogs. They’re both cute, and thus, both important. So what you should do? Use them both together. Maybe you’re launching a co-branded campaign in which you let dogs represent your brand and cats can be your partners. Maybe you’re showing market growth with pets, including cats, dogs, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Let the cuteness speak for itself

Puppy - Marketing Dog Videos

The unavoidable truth about animal videos is that they’re cute, and it’s that cuteness that attracts people. So while the good boys are doing their jobs, you do yours and attach a story with them, something that talks about your brand while leveraging the power of dog – or cat – videos. Just look at how did it.

Do what you otherwise won’t do

And remember, don’t complicate your strategy. No matter what animal you’re using in your strategy, your plan should be simple, concise, and creative enough to not overpower your story. And if that happens, then my fellow marketer, you’re automatically on the way to success.

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