How Product Bundling Can Get You More Sales?

Every customer knows the ideology and concept of product bundling, and hence they like it. Product Bundling is a method in which several products are grouped and sold as a single product for one price as a combined package. Therefore, McDonald’s and other food brands develop their ready-to-order meals, insurance firms offer coupons and discounts when you have combined home and vehicle policies and banks offer you free scrutiny service with a savings account.

Product Bundling takes two separate products or services and provides customers with an effective deal when they merge them. Business owners or marketing strategists know that these bundles will drive more sales and result in increased profits on every sale.

Creating a Product Bundle Strategy

A product bundling strategy needs to be simple and undemanding for the customer to recognize it. When you develop a product bundling strategy, begin with your most liked items and see which other products you want to advertise and promote. Sometimes the strategy is just getting two or three of your most favorite items and combining them into a deal.

For example, McDonald’s offers a Big Mac Meal (Deal 1), i.e. get the Big Mac, fries, and a drink for a predetermined price that is less than purchasing each à la carte separately. In this situation, McDonald’s is encouraging a sale of what would be a probable set of products. It motivates anyone to go with the meal, even if they might have only wanted two of the three items because they get more for their money. This way the worth of the amount paid increases.

Customer Benefits of Product Bundling

First, there has to be an advantage for the customers. The concept behind product bundling is that the customer is going to get a supposed “discount” (or higher value) by buying a bundle. Such as, if you have the choice of buying a sandwich for $4 or a sandwich, side, and drink for $5, which alternative are you going to select?
The concept behind the bundle is that the customers feel like they are omitting out on a price if they just buy the sandwich and don’t get the side and drink for only $1 extra, particularly if the side and drink usually cost $2 each. The customer feels like they are losing $3 by not buying the bundle.

Business Benefits of Bundling

Another part of this is that there must be an advantage for businesses too. The strategy for the business is that by providing products together in one group, it improves even the general per deal sale even if the revenue per item seems to be lower. Businesses are going to set the prices so they don’t really take a loss on any individual product. Their goal here is to raise the charge. Bundling should help their clients to spend a little more per deal, resultant in improved cash flow.


Product bundles are very common amongst the customers of any brand. This marketing strategy makes their lives easier because they save their time in searching for each product all around the store. Hence product bundling helps the customers determine products they weren’t sure about trying before. When done accurately, the product bundle pricing strategy generates more sales and increased profit for the organizations, which is why it’s one of the successful marketing strategies nowadays.

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