Figma Plugins That Can Save Your Time – And Your Life!

Figma is quickly becoming the number one design tool for UI designers around the globe. And just like with every other app, Figma also requires you to work with various plugins in order to make your content easy, convenient, and accessible for your audience. In this blog, I talk about a bunch of Figma plugins that can not only save your time but probably even your life!


Before jumping to UI designs, you need a few beautifully constructed wireframes and that is where the Wireframe plugin comes in. It’s an easy toolkit that allows you to customize components according to your style and needs. Hence, now you can make your designs more approachable and inclusive with ease.


A must-have for every UI designer, Iconify gives you an option to choose from about 40,000 icons that you just need to drag and drop. The plugin features about 50 amazing icons.


Mapsicle is a convenient plugin that allows you to create maps in your design without having to leave Figma. An interactive map allows you to place any location with ease or you can just search for the place you’re looking for. Once the map is placed, you can easily adjust the location, size, zoom, and more.


Brandfetch is a highly useful plugin that can help you to download and utilize all the useful design assets any website uses. You can download logos, brand colors or even what specific websites make use of in their designs.

The website is popular but now you can easily remove the background of images using the plugin on Figma. So get to work and get rid of excess background content you don’t need!


Your job has taught you how important it is for your content to be accessible. And Stark is a plugin that ensures that accessibility is reached on proper standards. Now you can easily check whether your colors, backgrounds, typography, theme, everything is in order and readable for your user from the start.

Front Scale

Front Scale allows you to set your base font size and aligns all other font sizes accordingly so that your content is consistent and professional. It’s a very useful plugin to ensure your content is proportioned in the most effective ways.

These are the most important Figma plugins from our perspective. They make your work faster, easier, and better to understand. Let’s hope the features provided through these plugins spark the idea you need to work on your important UI design projects. Feel free to share more plugins you think would be important in Figma.

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