6 Ways To Fix Intra Team Communication

We all know that “communication is key” but are we really focusing on improving it? Research has proven from time to time that effective communication improves productivity. It not only allows us to be productive, but it also helps us become more organized.

Miscommunication – A disaster!

Whenever there are flaws in delivering the services correctly to the client, it is almost always a communication problem between the team members. Just imagine a situation where the team member responsible for handling communication between the two parties doesn’t tell the exact details of the graphics the client wants to the graphic designer of the team. What do you think would happen?

Chaos! right? There will be lots of chaos because of poor communication. An unsatisfied client, blaming and shaming each other for not telling the exact details or for not doing the work as per the requirement. Do you see it?

That’s what happens with incomplete and careless communication.

So what can you do regarding it?

The answer is simple. Focus on improving the communication between the employees and the management.

But how?

Below are 6 strategies that will correct your communication mistakes and help you devise a top-notch communication strategy.

1- Create a culture of meet and greets in the office:

Encourage hi’s and hellos. You might not realize its power, but it is a sure way to create a culture of openness. Say hello to every member that crosses your path each day and soon there will be a friendly environment that is supportive and discusses things freely and comfortably.

Have team-building activities and dinners each month. Who you would be more open to? The one you never talked to or the one you have talked to daily. The purpose of promoting this culture is to have seamless conversations where people communicate clearly, and it doesn’t feel like a burden to them.

2- Encourage two-way feedback:

This is a brilliant strategy to create an open culture where people speak about what we can implement. A lot of organizations have the culture of one-way feedback where only the leader can give feedback and people cannot be flexible with their work and techniques. This leads these employees to be a robot who is only doing what is being given to them.

3- Encourage Suggestions and opinions:

You have hired people, but you aren’t using their abilities to full potential. Don’t you think a company where each employee gets the chance to speak would perform way above than a company whose idea contributor is only the leader? If you think otherwise, then you’re stuck in a tremendous problem.

4- Role clarity:

If the roles aren’t clear, then miscommunication is going to happen for sure.
How can you hold a member accountable if the roles aren’t clear? If the same task is on the job description of 5 members, then they’ll all be blaming each other for not doing the task. It is very crucial to have clear roles so we can hold each person accountable in case they don’t complete their task.

5- Use an effective digital communication tool:

This is a necessity to take your team communication to the next level. Don’t use WhatsApp for this purpose as it has other communications going on. Have a separate communication tool like asana and discord, etc. Even if team members sit next to each other, a communication tool is still necessary.

For example, Asana lets us assign tasks with their deadlines to the team and each of us can see what task the other person is responsible for. While discord helps us create communication channels for different projects, clients, and purposes.

6- Preferred communication method:

Each member has a different preference in means of communication. It is wise to treat them the way they want to be treated. Check-in on them and find out their preference. You might like connecting through message while the other person may like being communicated verbally or you might enjoy working while also having conversations here and there, but the other person prefers to work quietly.

Build communication up from here.

The End…

On a final note, communication can make or break your company, so we must treat it appropriately. An open culture with two-way communication, role clarity, and the use of an effective digital tool is the way to go forward.

Mohammad Samir

A content creator with an extrovert personality. I am on my mission to share all that I know with complete honesty. Check out my IG profile 'tenxwithsam' to get to know me more.

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