4 Must-Have Book Reading Apps For Your Gadgets

In the old days, people had to wait for days and months for a book’s paperback version to be available before they could begin reading it. Now, the way we read books has been revolutionized by digitalization. The change is noticeable from paperbacks to e-books. Reading isn’t a complicated task, and you don’t need to wait for months before a book is available at your local bookstore, precisely. All you have to do is download your favorite books on your mobile device or explore the millions of books that fit your choice for the genre. Many types of apps make it easier for your eyes to read and relax better while doing so.

Here are some applications for book reading that are worth considering:

1) Wattpad:

Wattpad - Book Reading Apps

The focus of this app is on storytelling. From over 75 million stories, it gives you an option of reading and also helps you to communicate with the authors you want to get in touch with. With Wattpad, a book that is still in progress can also be followed. This lets you read it as it’s being written, chapter by chapter. You can also use Wattpad to write your own book if reading too much invokes the writer in you.

2) Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Kindle

Kindle app provides you with worldwide newspapers, daily/monthly magazines, books or whatever you want to read. You can read books as well as sync books across devices and read passages on the app from different books. There is also a built-in dictionary of kindle for android that can be used to search for definitions on google and Wikipedia.

3) Goodreads:

Goodreads - Book Reading Apps

Goodreads is another popular book reading app for gadgets. It has 40 million users on it, the official app for the social networking site for bookworms. It’s easy to read reviews of the books which you want to purchase and read, review books yourself and rate them. In addition, you can get various information on various books by barcode scanning.
Every book lover should try this app whether they want to find the new bestsellers or connect with other book lovers.

4) Kobo:


Kobo is a free books app for reading books online. It operates on an hourly update basis, it is ranked among the top book-reading apps and offers books in over nine languages. Based on the author, title subject, and genre, the app also has a commendable search feature that provides quick access to your favorite books.

A single device is enough to read any number of books you want. All these apps are really important for book lovers as they can carry them wherever they go instead of carrying multiple books. These apps also provide readers with an opportunity to give reviews about the books and rate them.

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