25 Interesting Facts About Twitter

Twitter is a huge social platform for celebrities and ordinary people alike. While it isn’t as conventional as the likes of Facebook and Instagram, it still a big deal that presents a lot to set up trends for the audience. I personally use it to catch up on current news and trends happening over the world. It is the first place where news about any incident in any industry outbreaks before other social platforms catch up. Here’s a list of 25 interesting facts about twitter that can help with your strategies.

  1. There are a total of 1.3 billion accounts on Twitter, out of which only 330 million users are active.
  2. There are 500 million tweets done everyday, with 350,000 tweets every minute.
  3. The average time spent on Twitter is 3 minutes.
  4. 88% of the World’s population, excluding America, uses Twitter.
  5. Almost 80% of users on the platform are reported by Twitter to be millennials.
  6. Twitter has 145 million monetizable active users, i.e. users who see ads.
  7. Approximately 500 million people visit Twitter monthly without ever logging in.
  8. About 80% of World Leaders use Twitter, either with personal or official office profiles.
  9. Only 34% of globally active users on Twitter are female.
  10. 10% of the most prolific users on the platform are women who tweet about politics.
  11. 66% brands with over 100 million employees use Twitter for the purpose of marketing.
  12. Twitter estimated 15% accounts to be bots back in 2017.
  13. In 2018, Twitter shut down 70 million accounts reported to be fake.
  14. Twitter is among the 12 most used social media platforms worldwide.
  15. Approximately 69% of people got connected to small businesses due to having seen them on Twitter.
  16. Almost half of the Twitter users report having purchased something after seeing it on the platform.
  17. Twitter recently introduced an update on iOS where people can tweet voice notes instead of written material.
  18. 85% of small and medium business owners report providing customer service on Twitter is the most important part of their strategies.
  19. More than half of millennials use Twitter to look for product authenticity.
  20. Tweets become twice more engaging after using hashtags.
  21. Twitter is reported to be the best platform to get access to breaking news worldwide.
  22. The best time to tweet seems to be between 9 am to 10 am; Wednesdays and Fridays see the most tweet engagements and weekends the worst.
  23. Tweets receive 10x more engagement if they contain videos.
  24. 60% of users feel more comfortable at engaging with brands that are culturally relevant.
  25. 80% of the Twitter audience access the platform through their mobile phone.

Social media is changing rapidly and with it the approach people are taking to engage on platforms. The quicker you adapt, the better you’ll be able to grow with the fast-paced changes in the world. Twitter is constantly changing user experience features to bring a more refined platform for you to feel comfortable in.

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