12 Apps That Help Limit Your Screen Time

Are you addicted to digital devices and are not enjoying your life? If your answer is yes, we can let you know about some applications that will help you balance your phone usage and life. Nowadays people are so addicted to their phones and tabs that they can’t enjoy the things happening in their surroundings. The following are some very helpful apps that can help solve your problems.

1) Forest

Forest - Limit Your Screen Time

Forest is one of the best apps to refocus your attention toward work or studies. Whenever you want to stay focused, all you have to do is plant a tree. The tree keeps growing as you focus on the work you’re doing. If you give up midway or close the app, the tree dies. If you pick your phone in the middle and start scrolling through an unauthorized app, the app sends notifications, nudging you to close your activities or your tree will die. This works because, at times, all we need is a nudge that stops us from getting distracted by other apps.

The bonus point is that the app has partnered with a real-tree planting organization. So when you plant a tree in the app, you gain coins that you can spend virtually. And when you spend that amount in the app, the forest team spends that much on planting read trees in the actual world. So, what are you waiting for? Get down to gaining your focus back and doing some good in the world while you’re at it.

2) Siempo


Unlike the apps that block you from using certain apps, Siempo takes the route to replace your entire home screen. Once installed, it asks for apps that distract you the most, which it then places further away from the home screen. While all the useful apps will be easily accessible. Another feature of this app is that it allows you to batch all your notifications to arrive at particular intervals or a specific time you set. The app allows for a breathable interface that gives you room to breathe while also taking away distractions that interrupt your focus.

3) AntiSocial


AntiSocial is an app that provides data on your phone usage and compares it with that of your peers. It provides you with reports on how many times you unlock your phone during the day, how long you spend on which app, and which apps serve as a distraction. The app also allows a blacklist feature that can block certain apps from being used to reduce your usage of them.

The app has 2 different types. One is personal where you monitor your phone usage, while the other is a paired type where you can monitor and control another phone’s usage through the app. So it’s something beneficial for parents trying to monitor their kids’ phone use. The only downside is that the app is only available for Android phones.

4) Social Fever

Social Fever

Social Fever is an amazing app for time management, it helps you control your usage of the phone regarding social media, videos, songs, etc. It also has a feature that’ll remind you to drink water so you can stay hydrated. Addiction to your phone is very dangerous, we need to use our phone smartly without letting it turn into an addiction. The key features of this app include checking of real-time app usage that encourages you to spend quality time with your family, connect with your hobbies, etc, and it also tracks your water intake.

5) Space


Space is an app that helps you balance your actual life and phone life. It helps you to pay attention to your environment and leave your phone for a while. In 2018, this app was ranked by Google as a “New and Noteworthy App”. It has connected a lot of people with a life outside the phone, as it’s loved and downloaded by a huge audience. This app will help you limit your phone usage and provide you with a positive experience.

6) DinnerMode

DinnerMode - Limit Your Screen Time

DinnerMode helps you break your addiction to technology and encourages you to take out time to spend with your friends and family during dinner. With this app, you are challenged to put away your phone or tablet and switch off your computer and enjoy your dinner. You can download this app to your device and enjoy your life with the people in your surrounding.

7) OFFTime


OFFTime is a great app that reduces digital device usage in life and helps enjoy time with your loved ones. It helps to get unplugged from your phone to enjoy quality moments, focus on what matters, and build a better version of you. Many of their users are satisfied with the app because of its features they believe have made a difference in their life You can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Appstore.

8) Flipd


Flipd helps you to become productive in terms of managing your time. Whether you want to prepare for an exam or spend some alone time, this app helps you restructure your life. It has a lot of ways to keep you focused on your goals; the app has dozens of music tracks and provides you with a pleasant user experience and design.

9) Freedom


Freedom is a website blocking app for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome that is used by more than a million people in the world. The app helps you to reclaim focus, productivity and encourages you to do the things that matter the most. It blocks distracting apps and websites which can take your attention away from your work and goals.

10) Rescue Time

Rescue Time - Limit Your Screen Time

Rescue time is an app that helps you take back control of your time with the help of many available tools such as time-tracking and distraction blocking. It challenges you to become more productive by offering you a 4-week master class. It has powerful time management tools that can help you a lot in managing your schedule.

11) Daywise


Daywise is a schedule making app which gives you notifications for things to be done at the time you’ve set, as people who set schedule for their tasks are less stressed. This app helps you to get to your work and avoid all sorts of distractions which can cause trouble in the achievement of your desired goals.

12) Stay on Task

Stay on Task - Limit Your Screen Time

Stay on Task is a very helpful app for focusing on your tasks, it checks your working and makes sure that you aren’t loafing. It is a great app for those who need to stay focused on their tasks. The premium version of this app includes customizable alarm tones, customizable background images, the ability to schedule time, and the ability to temporarily pause your work sessions.

These are some apps that will help you a lot in focusing on your work and enjoy your life outside the phone; they will let you keep your phone away from you and meet people, enjoy talking to them, and spend time with people closest to you.

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