10 Examples Of Brand Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the major strategies used by brands to get their message across to their audience. It’s how they tap the audience’s empathy and make them feel what the brands want them to feel. When brands are associated with human stories, people find it easier to relate to them and in turn, invest in them. We have discussed Storytelling in detail in one of our previous blogs. Here, let’s look at 10 of the best examples of brand storytelling that touched us all.

1. Volkswagen

To promote its new Volvo XC60, Volkswagen made an advert featuring 2 simultaneous stories, one of a little girl and her mother and the other of a woman driving to work. The little girl is shown to be afraid of attending her first day of school, the woman, on the other hand, is driving in a haste. Both their stories are connected toward the end in a nerve-wracking way (don’t worry though).

The idea behind the ad is to display how Volvo’s new safety features put you in control of the car and keep you safe from accidents. It’s a well-thought-out and emotional ad that puts a lot of things in perspective.

2. Disneyland Paris

When it comes to storytelling, who does it better than Disney? Here again, the storytelling giants make your empathy reach new heights when they show the story of a duckling who reads comics about his superhero ‘Donald Duck’. One day, he loses his book as he and his family find themselves in the midst of a thunderstorm. But when the thunder recedes, things get exciting as the duckling and his family find themselves in Disneyland Paris, with Donald Duck waiting to greet them.

3. Coca Cola

Coca Cola came up with an AR campaign where, if people pointed their cameras toward a Coke can, they would be able to witness 1 out of 6 stories playout with the can serving as a backdrop. The stories featured a lighthearted story that involved a positive outcome that results after sharing a coke. It was an innovative campaign that explored augmented reality as a means for a new way of storytelling.

4. Square

The credit card processing company, Square, featured the stories of a few of their clients where they showed how those people beat the odds to start their own small businesses. The stories include those of a Syrian Refugee and a former prisoner and explore the idea behind all the people’s entrepreneurship skills and talents that got them to begin something new and inspiring.

5. Zong 4g

A mobile network company determined to spread a positive image of Pakistan, Zong 4g made a TVC in 2019 that featured our own Younis Khan, traveling throughout the villages of Pakistan with the World Cup winner Jason Roy. The ad features both the cricket stars experiencing rural-life to the full, with the story including glimpses at how Zong 4g reaches every part of Pakistan without inconvenience.

6. Budweiser

Promoting the idea of ‘don’t drink and drive’, Budweiser got us all pinned to the screens with their ad when they showed a dog’s perspective as he waits for his owner, as he leaves with his friends and a crate of Budweiser beer, promising to get back home soon. It’s an emotional approach to a very important message that everyone doesn’t pay heed to usually. And the ending is worth the watch!

7. Airbnb

In this ad, the Airbnb host who happens to be a true Parisian shows you the real, human side of Paris through the eyes of animations and illustrations. It’s a nicely told story and it will definitely cater to your aesthetic sense.

8. Samsung India

Samsung India took a new approach to storytelling as they showed us a technician who travels cross-country to a remote area in order to fix a t.v in a limited amount of time. The ad is a tear-jerking journey of multiple realizations but why the t.v needs to be fixed in that particular time-limit is a piece of information kept hidden until the very end. Watch the ad, you will not be disappointed.

9. Shaan

The Pakistani spice giants Shaan took to a unique and ironic way of advertising as they showed their infamous Biryani Masala being used to cook a scrumptious dish of Biryani by a man trying to impress his in-laws. It’s a light and humorous approach to promoting a new social concept while advertising one of their most preferred spices.

10. Tile

Tile is a lost and found app that helps you track your phones, wallets, keys, etc through its Bluetooth feature. In 2017, they made a great TVC that showed how a stuffed Panda got separated from its owner and then journeyed through the entire block, with tears in the eyes, looking for the owner. The ending shows how the Tile app helps the Panda to be found again.

These are our top choices when it comes to storytelling done by brands. If you have any other interesting suggestions, feel free to comment.

Maha Abdul Rehman

A content writer and a psychology major, I procrastinate for 6 months or write consecutively. And I occasionally watch (see: obsess about) Football.

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